Established Standard Operating Procedures for S. solfataricus (SOP_SSO_#)

Zaparty et al. 2009, [PubMed]

ProcedureSOP_SSO_#SOPLast updateContact
Strain evaluation and test for genomic stability of S. solfataricus strains P1 and P2SOP_SSO_080901Test for genomic stabilityAugust 2009Christa Schleper
Standardized fermentation of S. solfataricus P2SOP_SSO_080902Minimal mediumAugust 2009John van der Oost
 SOP_SSO_080903Batch fermentation in flasksAugust 2009John van der Oost
 SOP_SSO_080904Fermenter set-up and fermentationAugust 2009John van der Oost
 SOP_SSO_080905Cell harvestAugust 2009John van der Oost
 SOP_SSO_080906a,bPreparation S. solfataricus glycerol stocksAugust 2009John van der Oost
Glucose uptake measurements in S. solfataricusSOP_SSO_080907aPreparation of cellsAugust 2009Sonja-V. Albers
 SOP_SSO_080907bGlucose uptake measurementsAugust 2009Sonja-V. Albers
Genomics - Reconstruction of the central carbohydrate metabolism (CCM) network by comparative genomicsSOP_SSO_080908Reconstruction of the CCM networkAugust 2009Bettina Siebers
Comparative genomicsSOP_SSO_080909aGlobal identification of putative TFsAugust 2009Hans-Peter Klenk
 SOP_SSO_080909bIdentification of putative TFs by psi-BLAST-based approachAugust 2009Hans-Peter Klenk
 SOP_SSO_080909cContext-based approach for identifying putative TFs of the CCMAugust 2009Hans-Peter Klenk
Functional Genomics - Transcriptome analyses (Microarray analyses)SOP_SSO_0809010aPreparation of mRNA from S. solfataricus cellsAugust 2009John van der Oost
 SOP_SSO_0809010bcDNA Synthesis and labeling by reverse transcriptionAugust 2009John van der Oost
 SOP_SSO_0809010cHybridizationAugust 2009John van der Oost
 SOP_SSO_0809010dScanning, extraction features, normalization and data analysesAugust 2009John van der Oost
Real-time reverse transcription qPCRSOP_SSO_060910eReal-time reverse transcription qPCRAugust 2009Christa Schleper
Proteome analysesSOP_SSO_0809011aCellular extractionAugust 2009Phillip C. Wright
 SOP_SSO_0809011biTRAQ labelingAugust 2009Phillip C. Wright
 SOP_SSO_0809011cStrong cation exchange (SCX)August 2009Phillip C. Wright
 SOP_SSO_0809011dMass spectrometry analysisAugust 2009Phillip C. Wright
 SOP_SSO_0809011eData searchingAugust 2009Phillip C. Wright
Metabolome analysesSOP_SSO_0809012aSample preparationAugust 2009Dietmar Schomburg
 SOP_SSO_0809012bGC-MS analysisAugust 2009Dietmar Schomburg
Biochemistry of the CCM enzymesSOP_SSO_0809013aCloning and heterologous expression in E. coliAugust 2009Bettina Siebers
 SOP_SSO_0809013bCloning and homologous expression in S. solfataricusAugust 2009Bettina Siebers
 SOP_SSO_0809013cPreparation of recombinant enzymesAugust 2009Bettina Siebers
 SOP_SSO_0809013dPreparation of S. solfataricus crude extractsAugust 2009Bettina Siebers
 SOP_SSO_0809013eNon-phosphorylating glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate (GAP) dehydrogenase (GAPN; E.C. and gluconate dehydratase (GAD; EC activity in cell-free extractsAugust 2009Bettina Siebers
 SOP_SSO_0809013fWestern blotting and detection of the recombinant S. solfataricus proteinsAugust 2009Bettina Siebers